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Retention Automation
for Subscription Media

Subsets increases lifetime value in subscription media by enabling commercial teams to run AI-driven retention experiments without engineering support.
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Trusted by leading subscription businesses

Understand, engage, and retain your subscribers. Run retention automations that work.

Understand what makes subscribers stay

We analyze the key factors that drive retention across your customer journey.
Discover what makes subscribers stay

Run proactive retention flows

Using explainable AI, we recommend unique retention strategies for each segment.
Generate personalised retention campaigns

Automate winning flows

Take the guesswork out of flows by experimenting first and automating what works.
Automate the winning campaigns
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Seamless integrations.
Connect directly to your source systems or data warehouse.
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Purpose built for commercial teams.
Subsets platform enables business teams to act.
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Activate in current tech stack.
Orchestrate campaigns with the tools you know and love.

Businesses using Subsets experience:

Increase LTV by
Extended lifetime by
Cheaper than CAC by